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Greek restaurants are widely renowned in Golden Beach, Florida. The best Greek food in Golden Beach, Florida, and all of South Florida is served at our restaurant, which is the product of many long hours of hard work. The greatest place on North Ocean Boulevard is Greek Islands Taverna, so come have a drink with us there. The residents of Golden Beach, Florida, and other regions of South Florida, really enjoy our traditional Greek cuisine. Greek Islands Taverna is a restaurant that offers authentic Greek cuisine in Golden Beach, Florida.

In 1999, our South Florida facility introduced the concept of indoor/outdoor dining. For the past thirty years, the same family has owned and operated our restaurant in South Florida. When a client expresses satisfaction with our work or the team’s helpfulness, we are happy to comply.


You may celebrate at your own pace if you make an order for takeout and have it delivered to your house or place of business. The menu pieces can be easily resized to fit a variety of circumstances. We take great pride in our delicious, freshly cooked food. We supply our whole catering menu at bulk costs.

We will be happy to help with the catering for the occasion. Call (954) 565-1205 if you have any questions about the assistance we offer.


Get a festive dinner delivered to your house or place of work, and then consume it whenever it’s most convenient for you. It is simple to alter the menu items’ portion sizes to accommodate different types of gatherings. Serving delectable, freshly prepared food brings us the greatest joy. Everything on our catering menu is available for bulk purchases.

If you need help getting the kitchen ready for a party, we can help. Kindly give us a call at (954) 565-1205 if you have any inquiries regarding our services.


Some of the world’s most giving people reside in Florida. On weekdays, we are open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (GMT -0500). The house specialty, Greek roasted chicken, is offered for lunch together with pita bread and greens. The most memorable dinners will always evoke pleasant recollections.

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Enjoy delectable feasts and dinners at the Greek Islands Taverna. Should you ever find yourself in the Golden Beach, Florida, area, we would be delighted to have you visit our Greek restaurant. If you have a craving for authentic Greek cuisine, reserve a table at Greek Island Taverna. We hope that you enjoyed yourself as much as the rest of the restaurant staff and ourselves did having you here tonight. When people in Weston talk about eateries, they usually bring up our family restaurant.

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