Greek Islands Taverna – Parkland, FL


There are a number of excellent Greek restaurants in Parkland, FL. We’ve worked hard to earn the reputation of Parkland, FL, and all of South Florida’s premier destinations for authentic Greek cuisine. Stop by Greek Islands Taverna, the best North Ocean Boulevard bar. The people of Parkland, FL aren’t the only ones that appreciate the flavor of our genuine Greek cuisine. At Greek Islands Taverna, you can find the tastiest Greek food in Parkland, FL.

When we first opened in 1999, we were the first restaurant in South Florida to provide both indoor and outdoor seating. Our restaurant in beautiful South Florida has been run by the same family for three generations. We’ve built a devoted clientele thanks to the superior quality of our wares and the professionalism of our staff.


More and more people heard about our feast as the news spread. When feasible, our chefs will prepare dishes with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Come to our restaurant when you’re hungry, and try one of our delicious meals. Visit us for lunch and you’ll think you’ve stepped into an authentic Greek tavern. For good reason, our meze is well-known throughout Parkland, FL. To guarantee that every customer has a fantastic dinner, we only utilize the freshest ingredients and prepare all of our meats, poultry, and seafood with the utmost care.

The Horiatiki salad is your best bet for a nutritious and tasty meal. In addition to the standard ingredients of tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, and olive, cubes of feta cheese are also called for. You can choose from a wide variety of beverages, including Greek wine and beer. To put it another way, you shouldn’t feel that you have to follow the service’s orders without question. Our baked delicacies, especially our baklava, are famous all across the globe.


Having a party at home or at the office is easier than ever with the help of takeout catering. The menu items can easily have their portions scaled up or down to accommodate events of varied sizes. We are proud to serve only the finest and most delicious food. We provide wholesale pricing on all of the items on our catering menu.

If you are having a party and need some help in the kitchen, we are accessible. Questions about the help we offer can be sent to (954) 565-5505.


The individuals who call Florida home are some of the most charitable people everywhere. Our regular business hours are Monday through Saturday, 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM (GMT -0500). Salads, pitas, and our world-famous Greek roasted chicken are available during lunch. The unforgettable flavor of those meals will remain etched in your mind forever.


The Greek Islands Taverna is a great spot for a meal any time of day. Come visit us at our Greek restaurant in Parkland, Florida. If genuine Greek food is what you’re after, make a reservation at Greek Island Taverna. The staff at the eatery is excited to put on a show for you and hopes you have as much fun as they do. Our family-run restaurant in Parkland, FL is highly recommended by locals as the best place to eat.

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