Greek Islands Taverna – Sea Ranch Lakes


Greek restaurants are among the best in Sea Ranch Lakes. The culmination of many long hours of work is our restaurant, which serves the best Greek food in Sea Ranch Lakes and all of South Florida. Join us at the greatest bar on North Ocean Boulevard, Greek Islands Taverna. Customers from Sea Ranch Lakes and throughout South Florida have expressed gratitude for our genuine Greek food. Greek Islands Taverna serves the greatest Greek food in Sea Ranch Lakes.

We first launched in 1999 as the first restaurant in South Florida to provide both indoor and outdoor seating. The same family has owned our South Florida restaurant for three generations. Serving a customer who is continuously satisfied with the caliber of our services and the amiability of our staff makes us very proud.


As word of our feast spread, more and more people arrived to join us. Additionally, our chefs will create delectable meals with foods that are in season and, whenever feasible, locally sourced. Visit our restaurant and sample one of our many delicious alternatives if you’re hungry. You’ll swear you’ve wandered into a genuine Greek tavern if you visit for lunch. Sea Ranch Lakes is familiar with our meze, and for good reason. We always utilize the freshest ingredients and take great care while preparing our meats, poultry, and seafood to ensure that our customers have a satisfying dinner.

Horiatiki salad is the best choice if you’re searching for a pleasant and nourishing dinner. Feta cheese cubes are among the ingredients, along with the standard tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, and olive. There are international beers and wines available, including some excellent Greek selections. Stated differently, you shouldn’t feel compelled to take the advice provided by the provider at face value. We are renowned all over the globe for our pastries, particularly baklava.


By ordering takeout to be delivered to your home or place of business, you can celebrate at your own pace. The sizes of the menu items can be readily altered to suit various kinds of gatherings. We take great pride in serving only the freshest, tastiest food. Everything on our catering menu is readily available in substantial quantities.

We are available to help if you require assistance in the kitchen while throwing a party. Please contact us at (954) 565-5505 with any inquiries you may have regarding the support we provide.


There are some of the world’s most kind people who live in Florida. Our business is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (GMT -0500). For lunch, we provide salads, pitas, and our house specialty, Greek roasted chicken. Your favorite dinner memories will last a very long time.

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Greek Islands Taverna offers mouthwatering feasts and lunches. We kindly invite you to visit our Greek restaurant if you are ever in the Sea Ranch Lakes, Florida, area. If you want to eat real Greek food, you have to make reservations at Greek Island Taverna. We at the restaurant genuinely hope you have as much fun as we had entertaining you this evening. When talking about dining out, people in the Sea Ranch Lakes area frequently bring up our family-run restaurant.

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