Greek Chicken Wings – Greek Islands Taverna

Greek Chicken Wings – Greek Islands Taverna
Welcome to Greek Islands Taverna, home of the best Greek food in Fort Lauderdale. A fixture in the community, we have earned a reputation for serving fresh, delicious food and providing our clients with a top-notch experience. When you choose to dine with us, it is just like enjoying a meal in the Greek Isles.


Greek food is well-known for its health benefits. In fact, those who follow a Mediterranean diet enjoy many of the flavors and specialties found in our restaurant. We are proud of the menu we have developed – it encompasses the freshest fruits and vegetables, and the high-quality meat, poultry, and fish cooked simply with the flavors of Greece.


One of the most popular dishes in the restaurant is our greek chicken wings. They are charbroiled and cooked with distinctive Greek ingredients including fragrant olive oil, bright lemon, and fresh oregano. The combination of the kiss of flame with this spectacular combination makes them irresistible. And, our clients agree.  While some order them as an appetizer for the table, we have had others, who are incredibly passionate about their Greek chicken wings, enjoy them as an entree.

Bring Greek Chicken Wings Home

While we would love for you to dine with us at every meal, we realize this is an impossibility.  Sometimes, you simply must eat at home.  Because we want to help bring the flavors of our restaurant, and Greece, to your house, we have bottled and currently sell our signature Ladoregano ® sauce.


Made from our family’s secret family recipe, this sauce is a staple in the kitchen in our restaurant and in our home. Stop by the restaurant and pick some up and use it the next time you prepare chicken wings at home.  Simply cook your wings (on a grill or in the oven) and use our sauce to add extra flavor after cooking.  It will be ALMOST like enjoying wings in our restaurant.


Even better, we are also able to ship our sauce directly to you. Delivery is fast and efficient.  Don’t forget to refrigerate your sauce once you get it home – the fresh lemon (one of the key ingredients) needs to be kept cold to stay fresh.


We’d love to welcome you to our restaurant to enjoy our yummy chicken wings – but if you can’t make it in, consider indulging in our special sauce at home!

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